Elves were created by the Ancients to be companions and playthings. As a consequence, elves are tall, slender, elegant and beautiful. Because the Ancients were nearly immortal, they made the elves extremely long-lived so as not to be deprived of their favorites by the passing of time.

Elves tend to be insular, given the fleeting lives (from their point of view) of the other humanoid races. The vast majority of the world’s elves reside in the Eastern Empire, where they go about their lives with little or no contact with the rest of the world. Non-elven visitors are rare, and rarer still is the visitor who is treated as anything but a burden.

Additionally, they consider it cruel to the child, and heartbreaking for an elven parent, to give birth to a short-lived half-elven child. Half-elves exist, but they are rare, and seldom permitted to remain in the elven lands.

Elves in the Eastern Empire live lives of Virtu! This is a belief that one should live boldly in all things. They dress extravagantly, are excellent dancers, singers, seducers, speakers, and duelists. To fail spectacularly is almost as good as to succeed spectacularly, and vastly to be preferred over merely muddling through.

There are a variety of elven types, including amphibious elves who live in and around the water, and even rumored of winged elves. The so-called “Dark Elves” are not a race, but a class, those who do the distasteful work their “betters” disdain.


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