Cultural Templates

Cultural Templates are purely informational. You needn’t take one if you don’t want to. But they’re a good guide to what the typical person from that culture is like.

Barbarian (13 points)
4 CP of Weapon Familiarities

City-Dweller (8 points)
CK: Home City 11-
AK: Specific District/neighborhood 11-
PS: Urban Trade (cook, porter, tailor, etc) 11-
Streetwise 8-
Trading 8-

Horse Nomad (10 points)
+1 DEX
Animal Handler (equines)
2 CP of Weapon Familiarities
Note: The vast majority of horse nomads are Hobgoblins, members of the Horse Clans who roam the Sea of Grass.

Merchant/Trader (11 points)
+3 PRE
TF: Carts and Wagons
Contacts (4 CP worth, player’s choice)

Seafarer (12 points)
Navigation (marine or river)
PS: Predict Weather 11-
PS: Sailing 11-
TF: Sailing Vessels

Warrior (15 points)
+3 STR
+1 DEX
+2 CON
6 CP of Weapon Familiarities

Cultural Templates

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