House Rules

Point Buy System – Be honest, you want to play Big Damn Heroes. We all do. Rolling up a subpar character sucks. If you’re going to keep rolling until you get a decent character (and you are, you know you are), why bother with the random element?

  • All your stats start at 10, and you get X points to distribute among them.
  • Each +1 to a stat costs 1 point.
  • You may lower a stat (to a minimum of 8) to get more points.
  • The highest you can buy a starting stat is 16 (before racial mods).


  • Barbarians: unchanged
  • Clerics: unchanged
  • Druids: unchanged
  • Fighters: unchanged
  • Monks: there are no monks in this campaign
  • Rangers: unchanged
  • Rogues: unchanged
  • Sorcerors: see Wizards
  • Wizards: not just anyone can learn magic. You must have the innate ability first. When it is discovered early and trained, you’re a wizard. If it comes upon you later in life, you’re a sorceror.

House Rules

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